The tryptophan is an present amino acid in all the proteins. It is necessary to form the proteins in our body. It is included in the group of essential amino acids: this means that our body could not fabricate them by itself. The essential amino acids, like the tryptophan, must be provided by an external form, through alimentation.

The tryptophan plays an important role in regulating the mood; it is a precursor of the serotonin and helps to maintain the adequate levels of this neurotransmitter in the brain. Without tryptophan, our brain cannot fabricate serotonin.

The serotonin is responsible of the regulation of these vital states as the sleep, mood or the appetite, and its synthesis depends directly of the quantity of tryptophan on the nervous central system. Providing tryptophan can be useful in situations of a lot of stress, anxiety, tiring, or when by different reasons, we are not obtaining sufficient tryptophan through our diet, supplying in this way the possible lack of this amino acid.


The benefits of tryptophan to obtain a optimum mood are already known by the medical society. in fact,there are studies* and experts of the sanitary and pharmaceutical sector that endorse this information. The tryptophan is an essential amino acid, present in some foods, that our body uses to produce serotonin, responsible of the regulation of our mood.

With the objective to explain and propel the knowledge of the tryptophan and its relevant relation with the mood, ESTEVE created the Grupo de Expertos del Triptófano. The Grupo de Expertos del Triptófano was born in the year 2010 and was integrated nu 6 specialists in the sanitary sector that periodically kept reunions to generate reflexion forums and disclosure of the benefits of tryptophan. The Grupo de Expertos del Triptófano of ESTEVE is formed by:

Dr. José Miguel Gaona, Psychiatrist, doctor in Medicine cum laude by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid and Master in Medical Psychology. Jesús Carlos Gómez, Pharmaceutical and titular of a pharmacy in Barcelona. Specialist in nutrition. Vice President of the SEFAC.
Aquilino García, Pharmaceutical, member of the General Council of Official Colleges of Pharmaceutical and National vocal of Alimentation. Dr. José Ferragud, Psychiatric Doctor of the Centro de Salud Mental Malvarrosa, of Valencia.
Fernanda López-Laguna,Pharmaceutical and titular of a pharmacy in Madrid. Dr. Enrique Zamorano, Family Doctor and Psychiatric. Collaborator of Grupo de Salud Mental SEMERGEN.

Thanks to all the maintained reunions during the year 2013 with the Grupo de Expertos del Triptófano we could extract some interesting conclusions about the benefits of the tryptophan and why is it an extra support of this amino acid be so convenient in some moments of our life. For example, the experts concluded that in the accumulation of sensations as lack of enthusiasm, feeling blue, unmotivated, insomnia, and stress or tiring, that the group of experts comprised under the term decay syndrome are, in the last years a frequent consultation on the pharmacies and the doctor.

In this sense, the experts highlighted the increasing number of patients that suffer this type of sensations, which can be a consequence of personal complicated situations, economic crisis or moments of the concrete year (spring asthenia, post-holiday stress…), between others. The Grupo de Expertos del Triptófano trusted in Triptomax as an extra support of tryptophan that, in situations like these could help keep an optimum mood to go on with the day.


As a precursor to serotonin, the inadequate supply of tryptophan means lower serotonin levels. We may feel much more tired, stress or apathy.

Triptomax helps with: