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Triptomax is a food supplement with tryptophan, magnesium, vitamins and iron. It's a great solution that helps the people to overcome stress and lack of energy.

All the ingredients of Triptomax are essential nutrients that are not produced by the human body, that’s why those need to be supplied through food.

Why Triptomax?

Triptomax contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid that our body uses to produce serotonin. And... what is serotonin? Serotonin is a VERY important neurotransmisor for our organism and intervenes in multiple functions, in which we can highlight its role as a mood regulator.

Triptomax is a perfect ally, mainly, to people that feel unmotivated, dejected, burdened, restless, anxious or with stress. In determined moments our life can need an extra support of tryptophan and magnesium to feel more alive and recover a positive mood. It’s here where Triptomax enters the game to help us achieve it, thanks to the 600 mg of tryptophan and the rest of nutrients that each dose has. Triptomax boosts the levels of tryptophan and magnesium that favor the adequate psychological functioning.

The benefits of TRIPTOMAX

A sufficient provider of tryptophan helps us confront stressing situations
Low levels of serotonin can provoke feelings of anxiety.
The tryptophan helps you with the all of diets.
The serotonin favors the concentration capacity and stimulates the cognitive function.
The tryptophan helps in the change of seasons.
The decay syndrome includes sensations as low mood, un-motivation or tiring.

Reviews about TRIPTOMAX

I want to leave my experience here with Triptomax. When I saw the ad of Triptomax the first time on TV, it caught my attention, but I did not give it the opportunity thinking that a food complement will “pass my body”. The result? I am shook SEEING how good I am… That is the reason I wanted to give the chance to know who beneficial this product has been for me, and I believe that also can be for another person
I have never done this before but something has made me do it. I wanted to congratulate you for the product TRIPTOMAX, I am very nervous, I have a quick life, with a lot of work, jobs, projects and more a diets that I passed a time in my life with anxiety for food, I feel with a lot of energy and I sleep more hours than before, even nap. You have been a discovery for me.
There are periods of the year in which the work overcomes me: give informs, reunions and the phone do not stop ringing. Also, it is normal, to come home and my kids want to play, but a lot of times I am decayed and without force to be woke after work. In those moments of stress and anxiety as these, Triptomax helps to recover the mood and reduce the anxiety that sometimes the work gives
Sometimes I feel sad, with no force and motivation to do anything. I didn't knew what to do until a friend recommended me the supplements with tryptophan and have helped me to have more energy and be more positive. In the beginning I didn't thought that this would help, but the truth is that the results are notorious and being natural tranquilizes me.”

Why do we need it?

With TRYPTOPHAN and Vitamins B3, B5, B6, Magnesium and Iron Positive Mind An essential amino acid: the Tryptophan

The tryptophan is an essential amino acid that is obtained through food. The human body uses the tryptophan to achieve optimum levels of serotonin, an important neurotransmisor for the organism by its modulatory effect over a considerable number of functions, in which the regulation of mood emphasizes. In this way, in situations in which low levels of serotonin persist, one can feel lacking of energy or even suffer a sensation of stress, apathy, also a perception of low capacity of concentration, among others.


Triptomax is a food complement with tryptophan, vitamins of the Group B, magnesium and iron. Discover why it is important that the tryptophan accompanies these essential nutrients, the functions of the proteins and how the serotonin regulated the mood.


The tryptophan is one of the essential amino acids that our organism needs


The proteins are formed with the intervention of 20 amino acids. One of them is the tryptophan.


The serotonin, known as the “hormone of happiness”, is a neurotransmitter that regulates our mood, among other functions